Reject the State Government changes to Ferny Grove-Upper Kedron Neighbourhood Plan

Principal Petitioner Steven Toomey, Ashgrove
Date Closed Mon, 22 May 2017 This epetition has ended
No. of signatures 461 signatures

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The Queensland State Government has directed Council to amend the Ferny Grove Upper-Kedron neighbourhood plan which will allow 1500 new homes to be built on the Cedar Woods site. This is a 50% increase to what Council has previously approved. The direction instructs Council to:

• Increase the number of the lots per hectare

• Reduce the ‘Urban Edge’ environmental buffer zone by 33 hectares

• Reduce revegetation in ecological corridors

• Remove the restriction on cut and fill lots reducing visual amenity

• Remove community consultation and appeal rights from future reconfiguration of lots.

These changes will impact on the adjoining D’Aguilar National Park, increase density and visual amenity. Voice your objection to the Queensland State Government’s direction to change the draft Ferny Grove/ Upper Kedron community’s draft neighbourhood plan.

We reject the changes the State Government are imposing on the community driven Ferny Grove-Upper Kedron neighbourhood plan which will have the impact of dramatically increasing the number of homes that can be built in Upper Kedron, with less protection for the environment. We therefore request that Council advocate on behalf of the affected residents.