Say No to 139 dwellings on Murphy's Paddock

Principal Petitioner Tim Mander, Everton Park
Date Closed Thu, 30 Nov 2017 This epetition has ended
No. of signatures 745 signatures

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Residents draw to Council's attention the development application A004708283 to develop 139 dwellings at 50 Ashmore Street, Everton Park. The density of this proposed development is unsustainable with current infrastructure.

Your petitioners therefore request that Council rejects this current proposal until infrastructure and density issues are addressed.

Council response

Thank you for your petition objecting to the development application for 50 Ashmore Street, Everton Park (application reference A004708283).

Your petition was considered by Council at the meeting of 20 February 2018and Council can respond to you as follows.

The subject site is of an irregular configuration with frontages to Ashmore Street, South Pine Road and Kedron Brook waterway, and has a total area of 61,020 m2. The surrounding area directly to the north is identified in the Low-medium density (two or three storey mix) zone, with the predominate built form in this area being single detached dwellings and multiple dwellings with a building height of one to two storeys. Immediately adjoining the site to the south and west is the Kedron Brook waterway and bikeway. To the east is a shopping complex on the opposite side of South Pine Road. 

A development application was lodged on 26 July 2017 for a Variation Request to vary the effect of the planning scheme (dwelling house, dwelling house on small lot and sales office), Reconfiguration of a lot (11 into 54 lots), Multiple dwelling (85 units) and building work in the Flood overlay. The application involves a low-medium residential development for a total of 85 multiple dwellings comprising a mix of terraces and townhouses. It also involves the creation of residential lots comprised of standard lots and small lots which are intended for future dwelling houses.The development is proposed to be constructed over 11 stages. This application is currently under assessment against the requirements of Brisbane City Plan 2014and in accordance with the provisions of the Planning Act 2016.

An Information Request was issued by Council on 4 September 2017, requesting the applicant to respond to the matters raised including density, lot sizes, impacts on ecological values, building form including overall height, open space provision, flooding, excavation and filling, landscaping, maintenance and pedestrian access, stormwater, refuse collection, access and parking.The applicant is yet to respond to Council’s Information request.

As the application is impact assessable, residents are able to lodge submissions during the public notification period, and formal submitters will be afforded appeal rights in the Planning and Environment Court if not satisfied with Council’s decision. The petitioners’ concerns will also be taken into consideration as part of the assessment.

Details of the development application can be viewed online by visiting Council’s website at by searching the application reference A004708283.