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Increased Residents Permit Parking Areas in Teneriffe (and/or reduce paid parking times)

Principal Petitioner Danielle Rush, Teneriffe
Date Closed Sun, 28 Jan 2018 This epetition has ended
No. of signatures 6 signatures

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Residents draw to the attention of Brisbane City Council the increasing number of residents in Teneriffe and Newstead (4005/4006) due to significant residential construction, which is significantly impacting parking availability for local residents. There are very few designated 'resident permit parking areas/parks' and often these areas/parks are also signed 8P, these do not regularly become available to residents - as typically workers in the area park in these parks for the full business day.

Your petitioners therefore request that more 'resident parking permit areas' are allocated in the Teneriffe area. For example, Commercial Road has very few (4?) and these are often taken for the whole business day by people working in the area and therefore these parks are not turned over frequently enough to become available to residents and their visitors. Another possible solution (or addition) would be to decrease the number of 8 hour paid parking zones and change these for shorter periods - e.g. 4P or 2P.

Council response

Thank you for your petition requesting more resident parking permit areas are allocated in the Teneriffe area.

Both Teneriffe and Newstead are covered by either the Brisbane Central Traffic Area (BCTA) or the Teneriffe Residential Parking Permit Area (TRPPA). These areas allow residents to obtain a residential parking permit for parking in their respective parking/traffic areas where permitted by local signage or where no parking signage is present.

The BCTA, bounded by Commercial Road in the east, allows residential parking permit holders to park without limit in on-street parking locations without signed regulation. Any on‑street parking that has signage for meters or time restrictions that state on the sign ‘Resident Permit Excepted’ (RPE), also allows for unrestricted on-street parking for resident permit holders.

The streets to the southeast of Commercial Road are included in the TRPPA through to Beeston Street. This area also has similar on-street parking regulation and parking permit requirements, with metered and time‑limited parking, and permit holder exemptions where signed. Additionally, in May 2017, the New Farm and Teneriffe Hill Residential Parking Permit area (NFTHPPA) was installed to assist the residents of that area with accessing on-street parking. Specific information on the BCTA and other residential parking permit areas is available on Council’s website via by searching for the name of the individual parking area.

Your request for additional RPE or shorter parking limits has been noted. Council is aware that growth in the areas of Teneriffe and Newstead has contributed to increased demands for on-street parking.

The two suburbs you have nominated are a mix of both residential and commercial facilities. Accordingly, on-street parking is a high‑demand, limited resource which must be balanced between the competing interests of multiple users. To achieve a balanced use for all motorists, the majority of the streets within Teneriffe and Newstead have metered or time‑limited regulated parking in place. The regulated parking signage is used to create a balance of short to medium‑term parking and also includes consideration for residential need.

To ensure a fair and responsible balance of on-street parking, streets that are a mixture of residential and commercial facilities are reviewed on a street by street basis. This is to align the needs of the immediate local community to the limited parking resource available. Commercial Road has an equal distribution of available on-street parking, between RPE signed parking bays and non-RPE. This mix includes short and medium‑term metered parking bays.

With the exception of five short‑term parking bays with less than 1P (one hour) limited parking, the remaining 30 parking bays have been equally assigned as 15 spaces signed with RPE signage and 15 without RPE signage. The adjacent streets are also similarly distributed between residential and commercial needs. It is important for motorists to observe the on-street parking restrictions in each street to ensure they are aware of the parking regulations for that location.

In response to previous concerns raised by the local community, Council has undertaken a traffic study in the Teneriffe, Newstead and New Farm areas. This study received more than 1,000 submissions from local residents, businesses and property owners on various traffic matters including pedestrian access, on-street parking, public transport and safety.

Council is currently collating and assessing the feedback received during this consultation and a summary will be released online in the middle of 2018. Feedback from the study, including the concerns raised by the petitioners, will be used by Council to identify areas for improvement throughout the precinct.

Council acknowledges the challenges involved in providing a suitable balance of available parking and will continue to work with Councillor Vicki Howard, Councillor for Central Ward, regarding the results of the traffic study to expand or re-align community resources where appropriate.

Thank you for raising this matter.