Public End Of Trip Facilities - Fortitude Valley

Principal Petitioner Thomas Howell, Brookfield
Date Closed Wed, 05 Jun 2019 This epetition has ended
No. of signatures 83 signatures

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Employees working within Fortitude Valley draw to the attention of Brisbane City Council the lack of End Of Trip Facilities located within Fortitude Valley. This lack of public amenities for cyclists, joggers and walkers instead means a greater reliance on private transport and consequently increased congestion in this area.

Your petitioners therefore request that End Of Trip Facilities are provided for public use including bicycle racks, showers, toilets, change facilities and locker storage, similar to public End Of Trip Facilities located within Brisbane CBD. This will help to further promote cycling, jogging and walking as an alternative way to travel to work, whilst reducing congestion within Fortitude Valley, particularly during peak hours.

Council response

Council supports the construction of end-of-trip facilities to encourage active transport. However, similar to providing car parking, Council relies on the private sector to deliver these facilities to cater for trips generated by their development. Under Brisbane City Plan 2014, any new development is required to provide end‑of‑trip facilities to cater for workers or residents within the building. End‑of‑trip facilities such as secure bicycle parking, shower cubicles, change rooms and lockers are co‑located and provided to meet the needs of users and to encourage bicycle use.

Council has previously installed four secure bicycle cages at key regional centres located at Chermside, Upper Mt Gravatt, Carindale and Mt Ommaney. Access to these bicycle cages is controlled by an access card which is obtained from Council’s Regional Business Centres by leaving a deposit of $50. Council does not intend to install any more bicycle cages at this stage. Council also leases the King George Square Cycle Centre to a private company, Cycle2City, for use as a paid end-of-trip facility.

In addition, Council understands some major public institutions, such as universities and shopping centres, also provide end-of-trip facilites to staff, students and visitors, but these are privately operated and charges may apply. Therefore, Council does not intend to construct a publicly available end-of‑trip facility in Fortitude Valley.