Fix the Howard Smith Wharves cycle path

Principal Petitioner Paul French, Mt Gravatt East
Date Closed Sun, 31 Mar 2019 This epetition has ended
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Residents draw to the attention of Brisbane City Council the substandard cycling corridor delivered as part of the Howard Smith Wharves Revitalisation Project. Howard Smith Wharves has been constantly marketed as a world class development. However, despite the cyclist route through this precinct being listed by Brisbane City Council as a Primary Cycling Corridor and listed by Transport and Main Roads as part of the Principal Cycling Network, the corridor constructed is currently substandard in three key ways. 1. The path surface material is listed by the developer as “Coloured Asphalt-Bushmates coloured”. This product does not make a smooth even surface with it being prone to wear from vehicle movement and rain fall. This results in loose material and potholes. 2. The path has been constructed with overly acute and unnecessary bends. This is resulting in conflict due to people on foot and bicycle following human nature & cutting the corners 3. The developer has ignored recent best practice in Brisbane and has constructed a shared path instead of a segregated path. This is in spite of the fact that Brisbane City Council clearly states in application documents (A004897686) that a segregated path would be preferred. Due to these factors there is currently conflict and confusion along the corridor being expressed by both people walking and people travelling by bicycle.

Your petitioners therefore request Brisbane City Council require Howard Smith Wharves to rectify the situation with the following measures. 1. The current cycling corridor path material be replaced with smooth even surface material that is highly wear resistant (e.g. asphalt or concrete) 2. Unnecessary bends are removed or realigned with the landscaped objects constructed to justified said bends be removed or relocated. 3. The path be reconstructed as a segregated facility as originally desired by Brisbane City Council officials. Recent investments in world class cycling and walking infrastructure e.g. Bicentennial Bikeway, Kingsford Smith Drive Riverwalk, New Farm Riverwalk are something Brisbane should be proud of and these should not be undermined by private developers when such corridors run through their development site.

Council response

The current path alignment was designed to promote both cycling and walking as viable options for travelling through the project area. The path alignment was assessed within the overall development assessment of the Howard Smith Wharves Revitalisation Project and was found to be the most practically achievable alignment that balanced anticipated pedestrian movements and cyclist movements. The path also corresponds to the broader access easements planned for the site.

During the project assessment process, Council considered the provision of a fully segregated bicycle and pedestrian path, and decided it was not achievable due to the constraints of the site. At this time, Council has no plans to install a separate bicycle and pedestrian path.

The original path was installed by the project developer and Council agreed to its trial application. Council later determined that the path was unfit for purpose and Council officers began working with the project developer to arrange its replacement. The path has since been resurfaced with asphalt concrete.