Cycleway to eastern suburbs

Principal Petitioner Belinda Ward, Morningside
Date Closed Tue, 03 Dec 2019 This epetition has ended
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Residents draw to the attention of Council that there is no arterial cycling route connecting the Brisbane CBD to the eastern suburbs of a similar standard to the Bicentennial/Centenary Bikeway corridor to the south-west, V1 Veloway to the south, and North Brisbane Bikeway under construction to the northern suburbs.

Your petitioners therefore request that the Woolloongabba Bikeway be extended east through East Brisbane, with a 2-way protected cycleway constructed along Stanley St East at least as far as the Cleveland Rail Corridor at Coorparoo. Stanley St East has been consistently identified as one of the most congested road corridors in Brisbane, but residents do not have a safe option to avoid that congestion by taking the healthier and faster alternative of cycling. Constructing a 2-way protected bikeway along Stanley St East to allow for safe and convenient cycling offers an efficient way to re-purpose space currently reserved for parking a limited number of cars. The business benefits of replacing on-street parking spaces with a bikeway are well proven. An added benefit of removing on-street parking and providing protected and separated space for cycling is that it will allow more efficient movement of buses along this important route.

Council response

The Stanley Street East corridor is recognised as a primary bicycle route in the bicycle network overlay within Brisbane City Plan 2014 (City Plan), recognising its role connecting the eastern suburbs to key destinations including Brisbane City and Woolloongabba, as well as its connection to key strategic bicycle routes such as the Veloway 1 and Norman Creek bikeways.

Council is currently reviewing its active transport network plan which will assess key bicycle corridors, including Stanley Street East, to identify opportunities for improving network connectivity and safety. The alignment of bicycle infrastructure along Stanley Street East will be considered as part of this review, including alternative alignment options on the surrounding network.

Under Council’s road hierarchy in the City Plan, the road corridor is identified as an arterial road between Logan Road and Cavendish Road, and a suburban road beyond, recognising its function as a connection between the eastern suburbs, Logan Road, Ipswich Road, Pacific Motorway and Brisbane City. The road cross-section also varies along the extents of the route.

Council recognises the community interest and value of providing bicycle infrastructure along Stanley Street East, however there is currently no funding available for its construction. As such, your request has been noted for inclusion in a future capital works budget. Construction of this infrastructure will be assessed and prioritised against other proposed bikeway/pathway projects and competing citywide priorities. Any future project would consider impacts on general traffic and on-street parking and loading zones, with the inclusion of a two-way separated bikeway likely to require removal of a traffic lane or parking in several locations.