STOP the Rezone for 6-Storey Development in Sandgate and anywhere in the Neighbourhood plan study area.

Principal Petitioner Teresa Dow, Brighton
Closing Date Tue, 14 Apr 2020
No. of signatures 1156 signatures

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We strongly oppose 6-storey zoning in the Sandgate Neighbourhood Plan study area, in particular in the Sandgate Village Centre on Brighton Road, from First to Sixth Avenues (Area A), and around Einbunpin Lagoon from Rainbow Street to Burnett Place (Area B), as proposed by the Brisbane City Council Sandgate District Neighbourhood Plan draft strategy October 2019 for the following reasons; • To protect our unique Historic Bayside village identity, which is a major factor why people choose to live in, work and visit our beautiful seaside village and suburbs; • To protect over 100 years of history, heritage and character of our commercial and residential buildings in Sandgate Village which are integral to the community village feel with our low-level buildings and architecture. There are fabulous 360 degree views of the village no matter where you stand. To protect our natural environment and stunning landscape radiating out to Einbunpin and Dowse Lagoons to Bramble Bay waterfront, parklands and Ramsar wetlands of international significance, including our large array of protected local wildlife; • To protect residents and visitors living in and around Sandgate Village from overshadowing, while preserving their exceptional views, their right to privacy, unobstructed sunlight and natural sea breezes; • To prevent major problems with traffic congestion, parking, public transport, pollution, flooding issues and schools already near capacity. These issues will obviously worsen with higher density housing and be extremely detrimental to the environment, while creating difficulties and hazardous conditions for children and adults travelling around our local schools and shops.

Petitioners request that Brisbane City Council NOT include 6-storey zoning in the draft for the Sandgate District Neighbourhood plan, with reference to areas A and B, on point 1.3 and 2.1 within the draft strategy any proposals to rezone to 6-storey buildings in the Village of Sandgate. Petitioners also request that NO other 6 storey zoning be introduced anywhere in the Neighbourhood plan study area.

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